Kleenso Non-Caustic Clog Remover(Powder) 300g
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. Fast acting to clean even the toughest clogs!

-Heat-release formula works immediately to melt down oil and grease.

-Deep-cleaning action effectively dislodges common clogs such as hair, soap scum, body fats, mineral deposits, paper, cloth and other type of debris.

-Powerful disinfectant keeps drainpipe germ.

-Free and prevents formation of mildew.

-Safe for all pipes, septic systems and fixtures.

Suitable for kitchen sink, bathroom basin, bathtub and other drainpipe.

Directions for Use :    

For sink and basin, pour 125g (4-5 capful) into the drainage, wait for reaction, after 3 minutes, flush with more water. Severe clogs may require a second application. Use 1 capful weekly to prevent clogging.

Note :

This product unable to dilute diaper, sanitary napkin, and fabric. If this happen, you need to consult drainage expert.  If eyes contacted accidentally, flush with plenty of water and seek for medication.